Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Crumbs and Flowers

Three more flowers got done this week. I made them yesterday at a delightful coffee session with several other quilters. Coffee, cake, cheese, fresh fruit and quilt talk. It just doesn't get any better than that!

I have also been working on my 2 1/2inch crumb blocks. I managed to find enough of the sashing fabric to make a quilt that is 6 blocks across and 7 blocks down. It would measure 30x36 inches. I may do a border of some kind to make it a bit bigger.

While I was making the 2.5in. blocks, I experimented with some 3.5in. blocks. I think I like them even better. Here I have about 20 blocks done. I'll see how long my attention span is for this one, but I think it would make a cute baby quilt.
This is a short week for us. Monday was a civic holiday. Most stores were open, but businesses and banks were closed. We are in the middle of another heat wave. The temperature is somewhere in the 30Cs but feels like 43C with the humidity. I am just hiding inside the house with the air conditioning on and a fan blowing on me.


quiltingnana said...

your little blocks are cute...we are suffering from the heat too...

Barb said...

Love your flowers, I was busy cutting out cardboard hexies last night...whre can I buy them done?

Mary K said...

I am falling in love with your little flowers. I want to make some every time I see them.I must resist. Crumbs can take over. I make them and paperclip them in groups of 10. No plan yet. They(150+) are in a plastic clear box for now. I love yours.

Exuberant Color said...

3 more to add to a box of many.

I haven't done anything with my little blocks yet. Seeing yours makes me think I need a plan.

Simone de Klerk said...

Hi Hetty ~ I don't know what happened, but I seem to have mist many of your lovely posts )o:
Flowers, clamshells, klosjes and not to forget that yummie Pflaumenkuchen!
Did the girls enjoy the Jersey Boys?
Has the weather become a littly cooler over the past days?

the dutch purple rabbit said...

please sent some of the heat this way. it's really cold now here for the time of the year.
the flowers are very nice and the the scrap blog you know i like.


Rinie said...

Beautiful day.
Beautiful flowers.
Beautiful blocks.
Where is Mimi?

em's scrapbag said...

Your creating some wondeful things hiding from the heat wave.