Friday, March 09, 2012

Flying Geese

Somehow I have lost my mojo.  So many things going wrong at one time, I guess.  My scooter is broken (won't start) and the repair people haven't contacted me yet even though it has been a week since I sent them an email.  A few weeks ago I lost a filling in one of my teeth.  I had it fixed last week and by the end of the week I had lost another filling in another tooth.  I have a dentist appointment next Tuesday.  Because my scooter wasn't working, I couldn't take my library books back and so I had to pay a fine of $6.   I am never late taking my books back, but this time there was either something wrong with my computer or the library's was out of service, so I couldn't renew them online.  Also, I have a headache and my neck feels stiff and sore.  I wonder if I am coming down with something.

So today I didn't feel like working in my sewing room.  I didn't feel like making houses and I didn't even feel like making fabric with scraps.  But then I remembered that Em from Em's Scrapbag is doing a Flying Geese quilt-a-long on Wednesdays.  So I went over there and took down the information.  Then I started sewing my geese.  My sister phoned as I was working on them and told me that she has seen a lot of geese down in the yard where the subway trains are kept.  (My sister drives a subway train.  Cool, eh?)  So it seemed fitting that I was making flying geese blocks.

Here is what I managed to do today.
I feel as if I have been a tiny bit productive.  And I almost forgot to tell you!  I won one month of the Bargain Lover's Fat Quarter Club.  That means I'll be getter 10 fat quarters for free!  That also made me feel more positive.  Thanks to everyone who voted for me!  I think I need to take a nap now.  Oscar is sleeping on my bed and he wants me to join him.


wackywoman said...

It was destiny to be making flying geese. Yup. Good you were using your passion.

Exuberant Color said...

It seems it always happens that way, everything at once. Maybe everything will be good next week.
I like all of the different sizes of flying geese.

Simone de Klerk said...

NOw that's a lot to take, all at once! I do hope your scooter gets reapaired fast!
Love the flying geese and how funny, that your sister saw so many that day.
Do have a happy weekend, lieve Hetty!!!

Vicki said...

Sorry to hear that you have been feeling under the weather and that things just having been working out lately. I know it was a full moon the other day so let's blame it on that :-). I like your little geese blocks. Here's hoping for a better week and may your scooter get fixed for the nice weather.

Cybele's patch said...

Congratulations to your winning! That should make up a little for the rotten week you had. It is Murphy's law I am afraid. Hope next week will be all well and shiny for you!
Thank you for the FG link. I like that!

Terry said...

Congratulations! Enjoy your winnings! :0)

Pat said...

How nice to win the fat quarters. I can certainly understand why you'd feel a bit down lately. I hope the scooter is fixed soon for you.

em's scrapbag said...

It turned out great! Good job! Thanks for the plug.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hetty,

From my psychologic view I think you want to give a certain meaning to any occurence (magic thinking) but life is not predictable. Everything is ad random and co-incidence. (in Dutch: toeval)
By the way, I love Bill Cosby's sweaters.
Love, David