Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Signs of Spring

Yesterday Marilyn from Marilyn's Maze showed some signs of spring in California.  I couldn't even recognize most of the plants she showed.  It looks nothing like our springs.  But it did arrive yesterday and there are lots of signs out there right now.  Today the temperature is around 25C but with the humidex, it feels more like 30C. That's a record breaker!  The weather is perfect for being outside!  My garden has never looked so green.  Everything is coming up far earlier than usual.  So here are a few photos which I took in my backyard this morning.

These are some of my purple crocuses.  They really look good this year.  And here is a purple striped crocus variety.
The squirrels have been busy digging and pulling up tulips, crocuses and even hyacinths.  They don't seem to like the daffodils.  I think I should plant some more of those in the fall.  Lots of buds on this one.

Some early insects have also come out.  Can you see that huge bumble bee in this little crocus?  He buzzed around me for several minutes.  It was such a nice summer sound.

I planted some fall crocuses last year.  The squirrels had them dug up by the next morning.  But this one is seems to have survived and is doing well.  Do you see that brown stuff around it.  That's Cayenne pepper.  It is supposed to keep the squirrels away.  It works, but it has to be sprinkled around the plant almost every day,  Especially after it rains.

Mimi asked me to take a photo of her favourite garden herb.  It's catnip and there is lots of it this year.  Shhhhh, don't tell Mimi, but I am going to have to pull some of it up.  There is just too much of it.

What was that, Mimi?
Oh, you want me to leave all of it in the garden?
Okay my precious.  Since you asked so nicely.

"Purrrrrr.  I love catnip and fabric!"

Mimi is sleeping on my fabrics.  I started to clean up my sewing room, but only managed to make a bigger mess.  Mimi doesn't care.  She likes my fabrics to be all over the place.  Doesn't she look happy napping there in the sunshine?  

I am now going outside to sit in the sunshine too. 


nicolette at dutchcomfort said...

Thanks for all the happy flower pictures. It’s good to see Mimi. How is she doing?

wackywoman said...

You certainly are having a gorgeous spring. I plant a tree with every new grandchild, thus the pluot and avodado trees. I think I'm a farmer at heart.

hakucho said...

Love your croci!!

Spring has sprung here (MA) too....about a month earlier than it should. Last fall the squirrels did a lot of damage to my bulbs...thought for sure it was going to be a bad winter....was I every wrong ;)

happy spring

Terry said...

My daffodils and forsythia are in bloom now and they're beautiful! I love spring! :0)

Exuberant Color said...

Yes that is true, the squirrels won't bother the daffodils. They dug up almost of my tulip bulbs a few years ago though.

thanks for the pretty spring photos.

Simone de Klerk said...

At least you did someone a favor, making a bigger mess ;o) Mimi is so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Mini.

My cats also love the sun. They fight each other for a spot.
And I never have a squirrel dig up my bulbs. But then, I have a birdtable! Or should I say squirrel table. Bye birds!

Your flowers are beautifull.

Vicki said...

YUM fresh catnip. Looks like Mimi is very happy. Thanks for sharing pictures of your spring flowers.