Thursday, August 09, 2012

Scrappy Star Blocks for August

I completed 2 Scrappy Star Blocks for August.  This quilt along is so easy.  Go on over to Terry's blog and take a look.   You may want to join in.  I'm not kidding.  There is still lots of time.  It only takes 2 blocks per month to stay on top of things.  But I warn you.  They are addictive.

To continue with my 'tomato series', I planted some pear-shaped tomatoes this year.  I thought they were going to be regular sized tomatoes, but they are more like cherry tomatoes - maybe a bit bigger.  The plant I have is very prolific!  I have been snacking on these little, golden delicacies nonstop since they started to ripen and I still have lots, both in a bowl and on the vine.  Last night I grilled them as a side dish to have with our rice and salmon fillets.  Delicious!

I think I will have these in a salad for lunch.


Terry said...

I love your star blocks! And what cute little tomatoes! That reminds me I need to pick tomatoes today! Mine are doing great too! :0)

Dolores said...

I planted the same tomatoes a couple of years ago and yes, they are prolific. You seem to be having fun with those scraps. There'll be a whole quilt top sewn in no time at all.

Joy McD said...

Yes those stars are addictive, aren't they?! I love your background, it is so prety!
Yummy tomatoes - I used to have them in Australia. Must see if I can get some seed to plant here... xxx

Simone de Klerk said...

Really, I have never seen tomatoes like these.
Beautiful stars.

Vicki said...

Great job on the star blocks, love to polka dot background fabric.

Looks like you are enjoying your tomatoes. With all the heat we have had you will be in for a bumper crop.