Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday's This and That

Today is Wednesday and I have one hexagon block that I have finished this week.  I have prepped a lot of the white background hexies, but still need to sew them together.

And I must tell you about the pattern I won on Barb's blog.  It's an applique featuring bird feeders and houses and baths.  So cute.  I love it.  Thanks Barb!  Can't wait to make this, but it will have to wait until I get my machine adjusted.  It keeps skipping stitches when I try to machine applique.

Speaking of machines, I found mine!  Yup, it was under there somewhere.  The sewing room is still kind of messy, but at least I can find things again.

Mimi kept me on track.  She is such a helpful kitty.  She has totally tired herself out.

 '"Meow.  Shhhhhh!  Don't disturb me.  I am pressing your fabrics."

Oh, sorry Mimi!  You are such a good little helper.

I also have an update on the Salsa I made last week.  It turned out fantastic.  I was able to can 6 jars, but two of them have already been eaten.  I think I will make some more today.  

And in my garden I have some wonderful flowers.  The first one is the perennial hibiscus that I planted last year.  It looked dead in the spring, but then some tiny green buds appeared and now it is starting to bloom.  There are hundreds of buds on the plant, so I should have some fabulous colour in the coming weeks.  The flowers on this plant are the size of dinner plates.

And here is a sunflower that the squirrels have not found yet.  I love the brown and orange colours in this one.  I thought I had better take a photo because by this afternoon they will probably notice it and cut it down.


wackywoman said...

Salsa wouldn't last around here long enough to bother with canning it. LOL It goes on everything. How is Mimi doing?

Barb said...

Your gardens is always so lovely....and that family would die for it.

Anonymous said...

Happy to see Mimi pressing your fabrics.
And yes,I should try to make salsa.
And your flowers are always beautiful. Is that really a sunflower? I thought they are alwys yellow, like the sun.