Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Wednesday's Flowers

I have a couple of hexie blocks to show you today.  I am still working on the white background hexagons.  Will show you soon.

I took this photo with the blocks on the perennial hibiscus.  I thought I had killed this plant last winter.  It looked dead for many weeks in the spring, but finally a few tiny green buds appeared and it started to grow. I have a lot of buds on it now, so it will bloom very soon.

Want more flowers?  Here are my Black-Eyed-Susans  (Rudbeckia).  These are the perennial ones.  The flowers you see in the above photo with my hexagons are annual Black-Eyed-Susans.

I have been busy and we had torrential rains yesterday, so I was not able to go out in my garden.  This morning, upon inspection, I noticed that I have a lot of tomatoes, especially some big, yellow ones.  These are really tasty.


Exuberant Color said...

Your Black-Eyed-Susans look healthier than mine. With the lack of rain mine are shorter and the flowers aren't lasting as long. Yellow tomatos are good! I haven't had one for a couple years.

Mary K said...

I love your flowers and think of you when I see some when i am out and about. I have started a small Hexie quilt with blue flowers, yellow centers and a white diamond and triangle border. I have to post a picture one of these days to show people. They are 1 inch across the points. All of this because of your inspiration. I don't know what size the quilt will end up to be.

I love reading your blog.

Simone de Klerk said...

Your hexy flowers really match your bright garden!
I am not sure I have ever had yellow tomatoes. They look like prunes.

wackywoman said...

Love your garden Hetty.