Sunday, March 03, 2013

An Applique Journal Quilt

I've been busy doing hand applique in the evenings lately.  I used to love doing it and then I took a break.  Now I am back into it like there is no tomorrow.  I had a lot of blocks already prepped for Eleanor Burns' quilt.  In the baggies, I found a small applique piece that was not finished.  I finished it and because it was not big enough for any of the quilts I am working on now, I decided to make it into a Journal Quilt.  It measures 9in. by 12in.

I am calling it 'Applique Mania, 2013' in order to have a memory of this very intense applique time.   I am also calling it a finish for this month, because there may not be too many more.  I had to take my machine back to the shop.  It just won't stitch through anything thinker than two pieces of cotton fabric.  I used to be able to sew denim and corduroy, but now it won't pick up the bottom thread when I do.  Machine quilting and machine applique are also no longer doable.  I hope they can fix it.  If not, I will have to start looking for a new machine.


Terry said...

What a beautiful block! I hope they can fix your machine too. It's time to take mine in for servicing again.

Dolores said...

Glad you're back into applique. That block is so pretty. Too bad about the machine. It's hard to be without one's work mate.

Barb said...

That is adorable!