Friday, March 01, 2013

Another Wiggly Whimsy Strip

It is March the 1st.  Time is flying by, but when I look outside it still looks like winter.  It is sunny, but cold.  No more snow is forecast for today.  So is March coming in like a lion, or a lamb?  Maybe more like a dopey kitty.  This is Felix.  He is my huge kitty!

Here is this month's Wiggly Whimsy strip.  I am doing this along with Terry.  With her help I was able to put the photo onto Flickr too.  Thanks Terry!  I have posted lots of pictures to Flickr in the past, but for some reason it wasn't working for me this time.  Hope I can remember how to do it for next month.

I seem to have a lot of lurkers on my site.  Yesterday I had 160 hits.  But only 3 people left me a comment.  I really need to read your comments, folks!  So if you stop by today, please leave me one.  Thanks!


Dolores said...

Hi Hetty, it's me. I have the same thing happen to me - lurkers but few that comment. Anyway, are you using scraps or pre-cuts for this?

Terry said...

Your wiggly whimsy looks great! And you're welcome...I was happy I could help! :0)

Marilyn said...

I'm trying to limit my time on the computer. Maybe I'll move more. Geesh. Love you flimsy or whimsy. And, Felix always looks good.

Yuki said...

Cute kitty!

The Calico Cat said...


Anonymous said...

Your Felix looks a lot like our number one cat, a ferrel.
It took him a very long time to adjust.
Love your quilt results.