Thursday, October 23, 2014

What's Happening to Our World?

A tragic situation took place in our nation's capital yesterday.  A Canadian soldier was gunned down at the War Memorial in Ottawa.  We are in mourning.  This kind of thing shouldn't happen in our country.

A police officer, running down an Ottawa street with his gun drawn.  Canadian flags blowing in the wind behind him.  I could get totally depressed over this event.  But I am Canadian.  I will take a few minutes to pray for the victim's family and hope that this sort of thing will never happen again.  Life must go on and we can't let a terrorist stop us from living our lives to the fullest.

With a new baby around it is easy to keep focused on the present.  My sister came over yesterday to drive DD and her baby to a pediatrician appointment.  DD is still not able to drive herself.  William passed every test the doctor gave him.  He is doing very well and growing quickly

My sister enjoyed holding him and keeping him entertained all afternoon...  until he began to cry and nothing could console him but his mother with a delicious body-temperature meal.

October 22, 2014

Thanks, Sis!  For coming all the way over here and doing the driving.  (She used to drive a subway train before she retired, so she is a great driver!)  We are grateful for all the support that we are receiving from family and friends.


dutchcomfort said...

It’s so nice to have a Grandson who can take you back into the present!

I understand how you feel as we felt devistated when almost 300 people (200 of them were Dutch) got killed when flight MH17 was shut down back in July.
The world had gone crazy!

Wacky Woman said...

Sending big hugs your way Hetty!