Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A Busy Weekend

I have not been doing much sewing lately.   This past weekend was a busy one.

We started out on Friday evening by attending the Beach Jazz Festival.  Lots of music and drumming.  I wanted my Japanese visitor to experience a typical Toronto summer event.  It was great!

On Saturday I went to Pioneer Village to see the Quilts at the Creek.  It was fantastic!  I loved it.  I took many photos, but the one I thought was the best was a Veterens Quilt the hosting Guild had made.  So beautiful.

This would be great for using up scraps!  

How's this for an idyllic setting?

Sheep are not my favourite animal, but these were kind of cute.

On Sunday we went to the Grand River Champion of Champions Powwow.  This was a special event and we were lucky to get a chance to see it.  I thought my visitor would enjoy a day of colouful Six Nations costumes and dancing and drumming.  I certainly enjoyed it.

I will get back to my sewing soon.  There are only a few more days for my visitor to spend in Toronto.  On Friday they leave for other Ontario and Quebec destinations,  It has been fun having her stay with us.


dutchcomfort said...

It’s always fun to show visitors around in your own town. I noticed you start looking at things differently! The Six Nations customes are beautiful! Happy Summer Hetty!

em's scrapbag said...

Great quilt. Love how they reversed the block by changing the darks and lights

Unknown said...

Everything is art.
Even this hot summer is.
I saw a brown dog in a brown field and Bertold Brecht said:
Bring me the last green springtime leave
I will thank you so much
and you had a nice walk.

With all my love,
David Das