Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Delicious Japanese Dinner

Our guests cooked us a traditional Japanese dinner tonight. They found the recipes in a cookbook that I had bought a long time ago. I had never made any of these recipes, because I didn't know where to find all the ingredients. But they went to the St. Lawrence Market this morning and found everything they needed. In the afternoon, we went over to my daughter's place and they cooked up a storm! The menu included Miso soup and Nikujaga, which was a meat and potatoes kind of dish. I was surprised that this would be a traditional meal - it sounded so Canadian, but they assured me that this is something every mother knows how to make. It was delicious! They also cooked up some Tofu Steaks. Very delicious also, especially with the Seven Spice and Soy Sauce. Yummy!

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