Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Horse Stable

We went to visit my cousin's horses last night. They live on a farm, just north of Toronto. Flame is only three years old. Isn't she cute?
The girls had a chance to brush Nip, who stood quietly and let them. Usually she doesn't like to be brushed, but last night she couldn't get enough. She didn't want the girls to stop!
Then my cousin took Flame out into the yard, and rode her around, while the girls watched. Flame is just being trained to accept a rider. She has only had a saddle on her back a few times. The girls' visit made her very excited and she did not really want to be ridden. But she cooperated. We left the farm just as the sun was beginning to set. The few hours spent outdoors, with some beautiful horses, was a real treat!


yama said...

What beautiful horses they are!

Thank you for your arrangement everyday!
Hetty san.


hetty said...

You're welcome Mr. Yamamoto. Yes, the horses are very beautiful!
Glad you are enjoying my blog!