Thursday, August 02, 2007


We made sushi last night! Wow, was it ever good! We started our dinner with various Japanese soups. My daughter made vegetables in tempura batter, kind of like appetizers. Delicious! Then the girls made sushi. I don't think that the Japanese make sushi at home very often. They buy it ready-made on hot days so as not to have to cook and heat up the house. But my daughter went to the fish market in the afternoon and bought some very nice fresh, sushi-quality shrimp, salmon and tuna. Everyone had a go at filling the nori with rice and putting vegetables and fish on top and then rolling it in a mat to make a nice tight roll. Even our guest joined in the help. I was elected to cut the rolls into even, serving-sized pieces. (I wondered if that was because I am the butcher's wife and know how to use a knife! Just kidding, folks. We made green tea in the new Japanese-style teapot we had bought the day before and drank it in little Japanese teacups, throughout the meal. My favourite sushi is sashimi. I ate a whole plateful by myself!
After dinner we relaxed with a gigantic plate of cut-up fruit and enjoyed a movie. That little guy in the middle is my nephew. He loved being the centre of attention! We all agreed that it was another fantastic evening! We have one more evening to go before the girls go off to camp! But that is another story. I will write about it tomorrow.

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