Thursday, December 13, 2007


I tried to 'sandwich' a charity quilt this afternoon. I had plenty of help, as you can see! Felix and Oscar were both sitting on the quilt as soon as I spread it out on the table. Of course, as with all photo opportunities, I did not have my camera handy! I ran to get it - well, maybe ran is not the right word! I am not doing a lot running these days! So, I 'walked' and got my camera, but by then my distrustful felines suspected something was up and they moved in a hurry! I guess they thought they were in trouble! But would I have thrown them off? Not when there was a perfectly good photo opportunity just waiting to happen! I could not convince them to snuggle up on the quilt top again. But maybe that is a good thing! Who wants cat fur inside their quilt anyway? Mimi just stayed on her pile of batting! It's a cat thing I think - camouflage!
Unfortunately I could not finish the quilt today. The batting I received from our guild was not big enough. So I will have to piece some and continue this tomorrow. Do I dare leave the quilt top on the table overnight? No, perhaps I'd better not!

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Opal said...

I think the picture you did get with your helpers is adorable. Mimi reminds me of my Pressie. So queenly!