Sunday, December 02, 2007

It Snowed Last Night!

We got about 15cm of the white stuff! All of my neighbours are out shoveling their driveways! My husband is out there too! Snow doesn't bother him. He loves any excuse to shovel that stuff! Go figure!
The snow is not all that we will get today! As our temperatures warm up the snow is changing to freezing rain. In fact, it has started already! Later that should turn to rain and we are supposed to get about 20-30mm before the day is over! Good thing it is Sunday. We don't have to drive anywhere! I'm sure the roads will be treacherous!

While outside the beginning of winter is surging around the house, my cats are happily napping away in the warm solarium! They are not phased by all the snow at all! Perhaps I should take note and have a nap too! But.... Oh, yeah, right! I can't afford to waste even a minute! I am too busy trying to finish my UFOs! My Christmas ripple is almost done and I am furiously working on the train quilt for Xavier! Will post photos as soon as I am done!

Oh, and by the way, I found a home for the pink layette that I posted earlier! A very happy baby girl is now warm as toast, even though the weather outside certainly is not!
Thanks to everyone who left me a comment. I really do love getting them! You are all so very kind and positive!


Rinie said...

Snow, snow and more snow.
But does it not look nice?
Especially if your neighbour is snowblowing your driveway.
Love your blog. Go there every day.
This is my first response.

Suzanne said...

It's just started snowing today here, too!

I don't know what has happened to blogspot comments but you can't sign in any more as "other" with your URL so that people know who is commenting and where they came from... One word--Wordpress! Hint! :)

(Suzanne McMinn)

Blog Mama said...

Ooooo. I'm jealous of the snow. Ry would be too. He's fascinated by snow and snowmen and the only time he's seen snow was in July! (We were at the top of Logan Pass at Glacier National Park).

hetty said...

Hi Blogmama! No snow where you live? You can have some of ours. We got more last night!