Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Even if it's Winter Outside, I Can Still Have Spring Inside!

My sister brought me these lovely tulips and hyacinths when she came to visit me last week! Instead of looking outside, I can now look at them sitting on my coffee table. They make me forget how much snow is outside and they give me hope that it will all melt one day and spring will come!
The hyacinths are magnificent! They have a wonderful smell. I wish I had smellablog, so you could all smell how nice spring smells!
And these are the flowers on my Oleander! They are blooming away nicely in my solarium! The room is surrounded by windows, but these plants don't seem to care if they look out and see the snow! They are blooming as if summer is here already! Nice, eh?


John said...

Those plants are lovely, and
nicely capture the essence of
spring. For a while I had actually
forgotten what plants look like.
It is nice to be reminded.

My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

I love, love, love how hyacinth smell! They're sooo pretty :)

Lisa Boyer said...

Ah, these are gorgeous! I'm hoping all that snow melts soon and you get to see these outside soon! Your snow pictures are amazing! Did you break that record yet???

Opal said...

Gorgeous flowers!

Oiyi said...

Those flowers are so pretty. They do remind me of Spring. Hopefully, Spring will arrive on your doorstep soon.