Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Black Hat!

Finally finished the black hat for my DS! It fits perfectly! And he loves it! It's made of synthetic yarn - Red Heart. I used a set of 5, size 5.5mm double-pointed needles.

Here are the directions.

Cast on: 120 sts.
Join stitches and place on 4 double-pointed needles, making sure not to twist stitches.

Round 1: K 2, p 2, to end of round.
Continue in this manner until the hat measures about 5 inches.

I did 50 rows for the black hat. There should be enough for turning up the edge of the hat.

Begin decrease rows:

Round 1: K 2, p2 tog. to end of round - 90 sts.
Round 2: K 2, p 1, to end of round
Round 3: K 2 tog. purl 1 to end of round -60 sts.
Round 3: K 1, p 1, to end of round
Round 4: K 2 tog. to end of round - 30 sts.
Round 5: K
Round 6: K 2 tog. to end of round - 15 sts.
Round 7: K
Round 8: K 2 tog. to last st. K 1 - 8 sts.
Break yarn, leaving a end of about 20cm.
Run end of yarn through remaining stitches and pull tight.
Secure yarn and work end in.

That's all there is to it! My DS thinks I should make a few dozen of these and keep them around as Christmas gifts for the rest of my life! Hmm. Good idea, I guess. But I am tired of making hats. Right now I am working on other things. I found a darling little baby sweater on Oiyi's blog. (I will give you her blog later - Right now I can't figure out how to link someone else's blog to mine!) I made one in a day and then played around with the pattern to make another one, a little larger. I will post photos as soon as possible. I also have another hat with a kind of complex cable going on that I just can't seem to get around to finishing! Better do that too, before this 'hat phase' completely escapes me.

Oh, well. Back to work!


Oiyi said...

Great hat! Black goes with everything.

Opal said...

Cute hat! I need to make a black one as well.

Winny said...

Thank you for the pattern. I know once I am finished making the sweater I am working on now, I will get my odds and ends wool and make a few hats. Really like the black one.

John said...

This hat is great! Comfortable and warm, and I am going to put it to the test this weekend with the blizzard we are expecting.