Monday, March 10, 2008

More Snow!

Okay! Are you fed up with my snow photos yet? Here is one of our driveway. You can see how the snow piles are higher than our car. See how my DH has piled the snow from the driveway into just a small pile near the sidewalk? That is so that we can see pedestrians when we back out of the driveway. The pile on the other side of our driveway is even higher! That drives our neighbour crazy! He hates snow on his property! But there is nothing that can be done about that this year! This is the year of the big snow! I am sure we will set a record. I even think that we have set one already! We live near the Lake. Lake Ontario, that is. It is less than a kilometer from our place. And because of that we get more snow than the rest of Toronto. So we may have even surpassed that old 1939 record already! Oh, boy! I can hardly believe that I am hoping for more snow! This is crazy. Isn't this enough?


She'sSewPretty said...

Wow Hetty! I can't even imagine having that much snow. It hasn't snowed here in years. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love visiting new "places".

Wammy said...

I found you blog link from Chickens in the Road. My Dad has a
fishing place" on Lake Ontario at Picton, Ontario, Canada. I spent the summers there when I was a little girl with my grandparents. Lots of great memories! Anyway...I am a self-taught beginner quilter. Never had a class in my life. I read books and watch TV shows and jsut wing it. I'm pretty proud of myself...if I do say so. I'd love to seee some of your quilts sometime. I have some pictures on my blog I Hope to hear from you!

Winny said...

These pictures print a true image of what we are having. I was told today that somebody already saw the first robin of the year. I find this hard to believe, since there isn't much food for them yet since they enjoy worms to seeds. I guess they could be starting to come if they have a bird size backhoe with them to dig up the ground. HA HA HA
Snow is a four letter word so it is a bad word. I like the words SPRING or FLOWERS.

John said...

I am utterly fed up with
this relentless snow.
But, seeing as how we are
so close to setting a record,
I guess that I can tolerate a
little more. Bring it on.

hetty said...

To John - Said in the true Canadian spirit, John! Yes! Bring it on! If it means breaking a record, we can stand a bit more of this stuff!

To Wammy - Nice to hear of your early memories of Picton, Ontario. I checked out your blog and enjoyed it immensely. I have not done a lot of quilting lately, but there are some quilts on my earlier posts.

To Winny - Although we still have winter outside, the potted bulbs you brought me last week provide me with some spring inside! They are gorgeous! Thanks!

To She'ssewpretty - Love your blog. Please stop by and visit mine again some time!

Opal said...

Now that is some serious snow. *blink*