Sunday, March 09, 2008

Is There an End to All of This?

I know it is already the first week of March. So where the heck is spring? The March Break began last Friday, just as we were getting another blast of winter! I don't ever remember so much snow on the ground at this time of year! My crocuses should be coming up by now, but they are nowhere in sight - even the ones close to the house are still buried in snow! Another 32cm of the white stuff fell on us this time. Since the beginning of this year's winter we have had 195cm. The record, set back in 1939, is 207.4cm. We could break that record this year, because more snow is on the way. It does look pretty though. Don't you think? Hopefully by July all this should be over!


Oiyi said...

I think it's weird how we hardly got any snow this year. It was so warm and didn't really get cold until these last few months.

Winny said...

You only showed the tree in your front yard. You should take a picture of the mounds of snow that is at the edge of the road. It is getting so high, it is hard to see what is coming down the road when you are trying to get out of the driveways.