Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mimi Always Has the Last Word

Me: Hey, Mimi! What are you doing?! Get off that quilt! Now!

Mimi: Why?

Me: Because! It's a baby quilt! You shouldn't be on it! It will get dirty! No one will want to wrap a baby in a quilt full of cat fur!

Mimi: Why not? The baby's Mom won't care. They have several cats at their house. They love cats and cat hair! And anyways, I am a very clean feline!

Me: Now you listen to me, you little white critter! Get off now!!

Mimi: Awww! But it's so comfy! I love baby quilts! Me: Don't make me come over there and throw you off!

Mimi: Sorry, I can't hear you!

Me: Mimi! I'm going to count to 10 and you'd better be off by then. 1.....2....3....4....5........

Mimi: Oh, Jeez! Can't you see I'm busy! A cat's got to do what a cat's got to do. See how clean I am? I am always licking myself. The quilt will be fine! You worry too much!


nicolette said...

Mimi is quite some character!
She is really spotless white?

The quilt looks happy and bright!

Catherine said...

Mimi is giving the baby quilt the kitty paw's up seal of approval! She's a gorgeous kitty!! And the quilt is wonderful -- the colours really set off her wonderful white fur! :-)

Anonymous said...

Mimi looks snow-white and very clean, so why don't you let her
lie on your beautiful baby quilt?
She won't spoil it, will she? I
especially like the last photo of
Mimi. She is so cute! (By the way did you get my letter?)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mimi!
So nice to see pictures of you again. You know who you remind me of, don't you.
That quilt seems to be especially made for you.
Hold on and hang in there.

Winny said...

Mimi looks so cute and comfortable on the quilt, I am sure she thinks it was made for her since she is a baby at heart. At least you know it is comfortable enough for a baby.

My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

hehe, she's very cute! And the quilt she's relaxing on, it's very cute, too!

Julie said...

Such a beautiful cat. A kitty Diva!!

nynke aka dutch purple rabbit said...

yes quilts and cats
it's a combo so lovely and scary.


Opal said...

Mimi really is a darling.