Sunday, September 14, 2008

The New Status of My UFO's

These are Now WIPS - Works in Progress!

This is a miniature quilt which I found in an old Australian magazine. It is paper pieced, using up lots of scraps. But not enough! I have too many scraps! Each strip is only 1/4inch wide. I used a total of 336 pieces of fabric and I still have to put a border around it. It was fun to make, especially since it made me realize that I am able to use my sewing machine again. Because of the weakness in my legs, I was not able to control the foot pedal before going into the hospital. But things are getting better and it is not a problem any more. Hurray!!!! Here is a close up of the tiny strips.
While going through some of my UFOs, I found this little I Spy quilt. I started this quilt a couple of years ago - maybe even longer! It seems like it was in another lifetime! This project was a Bee Night 'demo' at our Quilt Guild. Each piece is about 5 inches square. (We had a great exchange a few years ago. Everyone who wanted to take part had to cut half a metre of fabric into 24 - 5inch pieces. These were collected at our monthly meetings and returned to us at the following meeting, giving each of us a package of 24 different 5inch pieces.) The blocks are arranged in rows, which are later cut on the diagonal and then sewn back together to create a quilt that looks as if it was sewn together 'on point'. I completed the last four rows last night and hopefully over the next few days I will be able to cut it, re-sew it, sandwich it and quilt it. I hope I will be able to follow the instructions and cut it right.
And finally, a little 'Bear' quilt that I started a few days ago. The bears are machine appliqued. I still have to put some kind of border on and quilt it. I hope I can get it done as soon as possible. It is intended for my new grand nephew, Theodore Quinn, who was born a couple of weeks ago!
There! I feel much better now. At least I am making a little dent in my stash and unfinished projects and in posting them on my blog!


Catherine said...

I love that teddy bear quilt!! So cute! The little log cabin quilt is wonderful. I love miniatures!

Winny said...

Just love the quilts. The teddy bear one is simply gorgeous. It is so bright and cute. The other quilts are great. You do such wonderful work that I am jealous. I wish I could do quilts too, but I guess I have enough hobbies for now. When I retire, you will have to show me how to do simple quilts.

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

I love the little red quilt. Lovely. I have always wanted to make a little thin strip log cabin...maybe when I finish my MIP's (masterpieces in progress)*s*

Oiyi said...

Wow, I am loving these works in progress.

Opal said...

You're quilting is gorgeous!