Saturday, March 14, 2009

Aftermath of a Sleepless Night

I couldn't sleep last night. The pain in my legs was the worst it's been in a long time! I took 4 percocet tablets and still the pain wouldn't go away and all I did was toss and turn in my bed. So I decided to get up and rummage through my scrap bin. Doesn't everyone do that when they can't sleep? Anyways, I found enough fabric to make another Chimneys and Cornerstones block.

The colours kind of stunned me when I looked at it the block this morning! But I guess that's what happens when you take painkillers and sew in the middle of the night!

I now have a total of 8 12-inch blocks. I did not have a colour theme in mind when I started to do the 12-inch blocks. My only criterion was to use fabrics from my scrap bin. I don't know how I will put them all into one quilt. I will wait until I have a few more. Maybe I'll make two or three quilts!

Oh Jeez! Will you guys get off my blocks! And get that tongue back into your mouth! Sorry about that folks! Just a little gay moment in our household. Okay! Enough! Get off my blocks! Now!

Ah, that's better.


Reddirt Woman said...

If you make a crazy quilt with logical blocks of all different scraps and all different designs, is it still called a 'crazy' quilt? I thought the colors were great, and someday, if I get brave, I might tell you my story of doing something while on drugs.


the dutch purple rabbit said...

ow ow ow
my night was also not that good. i thought that you have one black and white cat.
ow the block is nice colorfull not that bad as you think.


Living on the Spit said...

That's why we call it Friday Block PARTY!!!

Hope you are doing better today, sweetie!

Crazy that quilt up or there is always the sashing...

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh what super blocks, I like the middle of the night block, I like bright and fun!!

Vicki said...

Pain can do strange and sometimes creative things to people. Love your block that came out of your painful and sleepless night. You two cats are way too funny, love them dearly.

Well I'm laid up for the next 2 days off my feet after getting Durolane injections into my knees yesterday for arthritis. After the injections you are suppose to stay off your feet and rest to let the injections settle in and stabalize.

Unfortunately my left knee (the worst one) is acting up from the arthrtis today so even the little walking about my apt today to just go to the washroom or get a drink it's in pain and spasms. I thought I might be able to sit at the sewing machine but maybe not today.

nicolette said...

Something in the air? My night was not good either...!

Sorry to hear about the pain... the painkillers -or the night- provided for a wonderful block though!

Love your ‘gay’ cats! Overhere we arre very open-minded...LOL!

Barb said...

Oh, even tho it stunned you, it is a stunning block. I too suffer with leg pains (all my life) I feel for you.

*karendianne. said...

Will you wait a second please. ... ... I have to pick myself up off the floor from cracking up so hard. I mean, not that you couldn't sleep but the blocks are great - even your sleepless block - and the momentary gay moment was hilarious. Loved it! When I really can't sleep I write. 4:30am though, yeah, I'll quilt.

Party and Hetty's House! ;)

Tropical Screamer said...

Hi, this is my first visit here and your work is beautiful. I can hardly wait to see the rest of your archives.

Best regards,

LizzieJane said...

I am so sorry that you had a bad night I hope your pain has eased some now. Great block though, i can't believe that you put it together while taking painkillers.
Love the kitty photo I think it is just so sweet.

John said...

I think your block is quite nice
and colourful and the flowers on your new heading are lovely.
And who hasn't done some sewing in the middle of the night on painkillers?

Oiyi said...

Ok, the kitties takes the show. So funny. My dogs (both boys) have moments like that. And then the rest of the time they fight.