Friday, March 13, 2009

Chimneys, Cornerstones and Chintz

Can't believe it's Friday already! The Friday Block Party block for this week is called, 'Chimneys and Cornerstones'. It's a simple block. All of the fabrics came from my scrap bin! All, that is, except for the darker fabric around the outside. I bought that a long time ago for next to nothing. It's not the greatest and I have a lot of it, so I decided to use some. I really don't have many light fabrics in my scrap bin.

I think it turned out okay!

And now for the chintz! I have been working on a charity quilt for 'Quilts from the Heart'. I took this kit home from our last guild meeting. Little did I know that the fabric inside would turn out to be absolutely hideous! There were 10 9-inch squares of a bright yellow-orange fabric and 10 9-inch squares of a very bright tropical fabric.

These blocks were to be sewn together in a checkerboard pattern. The fabric for the back was a dingy brown. While I realize that the fabrics for Quilts from the Heart are all donated and after all, 'beggars can't be choosers', I have a hard time making a child's quilt out of many of the fabrics that are in these kits. And these large 10-inch squares are not exactly challenging! So I cut the yellow-orange fabric up and added some blue and purple. I did not exactly want to make the quilt dull, but I wanted to get away from the large squares of yellow-orange.

That leaves the tropical fabric to go in between the pieced blocks. But I don't think I like the look of that. It's too busy. I think I am going to do some applique blocks to go in between the nine patch blocks. Maybe a heart or a butterfly, appliqued onto some of the dingy brown fabric that was supposed to be for the backing. Then I will piece the back using the left over brown and some of my own fabrics. I think it will work. It at least makes things a little more interesting!


Quilt Pixie said...

and all the "leftover" fabric you're not using from the kit can go back? :-)

the dutch purple rabbit said...

it's a good block for you're black and with challeng.
I love to comment you pictures because the commands come right in my mind.


Living on the Spit said...

Really nice Friday Block!! I am working on mine right now...might be done tonight, might wait.

I love the blue and orange blocks...I would run some sashing right around those blocks...just to break up the color sequence but keeping the overall theme.

You always do such lovely work.

Oiyi said...

wow, the tropical one is very festive.

nicolette said...

Love the nine-patch blocks you’ve made and your Friday block looks wonderful!

Librarynan said...

The nine patches you made are great.. how about using the not-so-great fabrics for a pieced back? Then they wouldn't show as much - and they would be used up.