Friday, November 13, 2009

Starting Something New!

If you have come to see my Sky Watch Friday post, please scroll down to yesterday's entry. This post is about quilting, but you are welcome to stay and look around.

I started a new wall hanging!
"Oh, no!" you say, "Not another new project! What happened to
finishing UFO's?"
Well.... I was waiting to get some more fabric to finish the flower quilt and just couldn't help myself. I found this cute little wall hanging on the front of the current Fons and Porter magazine and just fell in love with it. So I started experimenting with the centre star block and a few of the tree blocks. I love the way they turned out! But today I am going to finish the flower quilt - I promise! I hope to be able to show it to you tomorrow - the flimsy part at least.
I don't think I have anything to worry about. Mimi seems to approve of my 'beginning-new-projects' mania! She has inspected my blocks and thinks they are great!

"Thanks Mimi!"



the dutch purple rabbit said...

they have my thumbs up too. Looks very nice.


Barb said...

I love the way it is turning out....I love that pattern!!

Carolyn said...

Hello Hetty, Thanks for stopping by my blog and I have been enjoying reading your blogs! I have just started my first quilt that I have wanted to do since 1987!
I am leaving Haida Gwaii at the end of the month to do a housesit in Ottawa for three/four months so I can meet my first grandchild when "HE" arrives at the end of February!
Have a great weekend.


Opal said...

i'm with mimi! it looks great!

Pat said...

I like this new project and I am all for starting new matter how many UFO's a person has!!!

Ranke said...

Mimi knows best!