Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I feel as if I am surrounded by mystery today! First off I want to show you the 'Mystery Doll (or preemie) Quilt'. We made these at our last Bee Night. We were told how big to cut the strips of fabric beforehand. Then at Bee Night we were told how to put the strips together, re-cut them and sew again. It took less than 2 hours to sew this top. I quilted it (in the ditch) and put the binding on at home. It measures about 22in. by 22in. I think mine will become a cat quilt. (No mystery there!) The pattern came off the web. You can find it here.

The next mystery is my cat. Why does he always want to share my toast - even raisin toast?

"Go away you silly cat. That's my breakfast. You already had yours. "

"Hmmmm, meow, but it smells so good. Can I just have a little piece. Please, pretty please. Meow!"

"Okay, but will you go away then?"

Another mystery. My other Christmas cactus. I know, it looks just like the first one, but it isn't. This one was sitting on a shelf by the window. When I went to water it today, I noticed a lot of pink on the back. I turned it and.... look at all those flowers! It's a mystery to me how these things keep on blooming over and over again this year.
And here is the mysterious Oscar, napping. He finally did go away and left me to eat my breakfast in peace. I think he sleeps with his eyes open. I can never tell if he has them open or closed.

And lastly, this is called 'feeling like spring' or 'spring fever' and it's really no mystery. All us gardeners get it! Especially if the sun is shining as it is today. I decided to re-plant some of my succulents. It is too early to plant anything outside, but I can 'garden' indoors in the meantime. And that's no mystery!

Edit: I just put a new post on my Art of Fibre blog. You can see it by clicking on the peaches on my sidebar or just go here.


Cara said...

you might want to check if cats can have raisins. I know dogs aren't supposed to, or grapes, because in some it can cause renal failure.

Those plants make me want to get something growing.

W. Latane Barton said...

Ah, sweet mysteries of life!! There was a song about that wasn't there?

nicolette said...

Like Cara, I heard that raisins and grapes can be dangerous to cats, so please be careful!

Love your pictures!

Pat said...

Raisins are DEFINITELY toxic to dogs AND cats....can cause kidney issues, so don't let your cat eat them. (Grapes, too.) The quilt is very nice and your flowering cactus is amazing!!!

LizzieJane said...

Another lovely quilt Hetty. How do you do it so quickly? It is a mystery to me!

Rinie said...

Hetty is an as yet undiscovered genius.
I have two robbins eating the rosehips from last year. Spring?
I go shopping now before it gets too hot!

em's scrapbag said...

The plants are lovely. You must have a green thumb explaining at least a few of these mysteries.

Barb said...

What a fun quilt!!!! and so quickly made up!!

Terry said...

My Christmas cactus is reblooming too! I love the extra color this time of year! :0)