Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Blues - Flowers That is.

I have nothing to show you fabric-wise.  Almost no sewing has been going on here.  It is summer and I am enjoying the wonderful weather we have had in the past couple of days.  Last week it was hot, but this week the weather is just perfect.

So I thought I would show you some more plants in my garden.  Blue ones for today because that is what seems to be the dominant colour this week.

These are my Delphiniums.  I love these!  Blue is my favourite flower colour!

This is Lavender.  I have several clumps of it all around the garden.  This is my smallest plant, but easiest to photograph because it is near the front of one of the raised beds.  The smell is wonderful!

This is Lamium.  There are two plants growing close together.  One is a sort of bluish-pink.  The leaves are green with a light stripe down the centre.  The other is a fuchsia colour and the leaves are white with a green edge around them.  I rescued these plants from a shady area where they were being choked to death.  That was last year.  They are dong so well, I think I will divide them and transplant them next spring..  

This blue flower is Angelonia, specifically Angel Face Blue.  It is an annual in our climate.  But I love this blue colour so much that I buy it each spring and plant it in my garden. 

I also have a plant in a pot by the west side of the house.  This is to keep the gate from hitting the casement window when it is open.

This is Lobelia, another annual.  I had these two plants left over after I planted some pots and hanging baskets.  I just stuck them into the soil in the raised bed.  I am hoping they will start to grow soon and cover this area of my garden in a wonderful blue colour.

These wave Petunias are also annuals.  I just couldn't resist this dark blue colour.  Just had to have them.  They are mostly planted in hanging baskets and pots.

Hope you have enjoyed my blue flowers.  These plants have certainly inspired me.  I think I will go to my sewing room and create something.  Or maybe do some hand sewing out in the backyard in this fantastic summer weather.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed looking through your wonderfull collections of flowers!
I can picture you sitting there amongst the flowers. And today the weather is just great.


wackywoman said...

Such a beautiful garden. Makes me want to get out and work on mine. Well, that moment will pass soon. :-)

Simone de Klerk said...

Wow, it must be fun, sitting in our garden!

KaHolly said...

Just beautiful. Ahh, sweet summer. My rock garden is mostly native, and the color of choice this time of year is purple.

Terry said...

Your flowers are so beautiful! Great idea to use a potted plant for a door stop! Or in this case, a gate stop! :0)

The Hollyberry Lady said...

What I am trying to find out is are your petunias actually blue or are they purple in person? Do true-blue petunias actually exist or is "blue" just a code word for purple? I know many purple petunias look blue in photos...are yours really blue or is it just the camera making them appear blue?