Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Flower-Filled Wednesday

Lots of flowers to show you today.  These are my hexies.  I'm still working on the white background hexagons.  I will show them to you as soon as I have them done.

You may remember that I planted some autumn crocuses last year.  The squirrels got most of them, but one very large bulb grew into a big green leaf plant in the spring.  Then it died.  I didn't notice it at first, but it started turning brown and when I moved it, it seemed to have been chewed through at the base.  I planted a couple of small left-over annuals in that area and totally gave up on the fall crocuses.  But to my delight, I noticed a couple of flowers in that area a few days ago.  And low and behold, I present to you, my fall crocus!  

My (Angel's Trumpet)  Brugmansia 'Grand Mariner' has not bloomed in a couple of years.  I have to take this one inside each fall because it is not hardy in our zone.  It's a lot of work to care for it all winter indoors and I decided that this would be the last year for such nonsense for a plant that wouldn't bloom for me.  But it seems that it must have sensed my intentions because it is now in full bloom.  And it is stupendous!  I think I will drag it indoors as soon as the temperatures go down to 5C overnight.

The flowers hang down and are difficult to photograph.  I just held the camera under the flowers and hoped for the best.  I think the photo came out okay, but it was early this morning when I took these pictures and maybe the light could have been better.  I had to do this early because I have a full day ahead of me.  I may have spread myself a little thin.  This afternoon I have volunteered to go to my DD's school and work in their library.  I also have to do some laundry this morning so I will have something clean to wear.  I know that sounds awful, but it's true.

This is a photo of the Brugmansia, looking into the flower.  I love this plant - right now anyways!


Exuberant Color said...

I love the shading in the fall crocus flowers. They are almost translucent.

Vicki said...

It's hard to keep the squirrels away from many of the bulb based flowers. Nice to get at least one fall crocus. I love your Angel's Trumpet. I saw them in an indoor garden in Vancouver several years ago and the flowers were amazing.

wackywoman said...

I love ALL your flowers Hetty.

Simone de Klerk said...

It must be wonderful to be in your garden.

KaHolly said...

Your flowers are so pretty. I am right on the water and haven't found many that like sharing space with me!! Sweet hexies. I have tons made, but haven't put them together like this! Beautiful!

Barb said...

Your flowers are just beautiful!