Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Little Late and a Few Blocks Short

I have one hexie block to show you.  But that is about all for this week.  I have been working like mad on the white background hexies, and I hope to have them finished soon so that I can show the centre of the quilt to you.

Mimi has not been feeling well the past few days.  I took her to the vet and he did blood and urine tests.  The good news is, she does not have a thyroid condition as I thought, but she does have the beginning symptoms of renal failure.  Tonight she will be starting on new meds and some protein reduced food.  The vet thinks she is only in the early stages and should do well from now on.  But she still has an infection in her gums which is now affecting her face. I think she will need to get her teeth pulled if I want this condition to get better. I found her sleeping on my Great Granny quilt blocks.  She looks very sleepy in this photo, but she had just woken up when I took her picture.  You can see how mangy she looks.  Poor Mimi.

I thought I would have my Great Granny squares all sewn together into a flimsy by today.  But that may not happen.  I tried to sew a strip of sashing onto the quilt, but I didn't know that my sewing machine had somehow set itself for one of the zigzag stitches.  The needle came down and I don't think I have to tell you what happened.  There was a horrible crunching noise and my needle broke into three pieces.  After I had put a new needle in, the machine was very noisy and did not stitch as it is supposed to.  I was very upset, so I turned it off and decided to come back to it later.


Terry said...

Your hexies look great! Sorry about your sewing machine...I hope it starts working right for you.

wackywoman said...

I think that's my favorite hexie. Poor Mimi. :( When my machine does that I take the thread out and rethread it; take the bobin case apart and clean in and out and all aroung. Rethread that too. 90% of the time it make it happy. And, therefore makes me happy.

Simone de Klerk said...

Sometimes sewing machines can be so annoying ... Mimi doesn't seem to mind (o:

Manuela said...

The Hexie is wonderful.
You have a nice Blog.

Best wishes Manuela