Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Design Floor

It's been a crazy week.  On Monday we celebrated Victoria Day.  That's our official planting weekend.  We usually don't get any more frost after that, so I managed to get some tomato plants planted in my garden.  Can't wait for those delicious fresh, garden tomatoes this summer.

I have also been busy trying to finish the two baby quilts I'm working on.  Still some finishing touches to do before I can show them.

But I do have some interesting blocks on my design floor.  Over the years I have accumulated many orphan blocks.  I have seen a few quilts made up using blocks like these.  I want to put mine together and get them out of their bins and bags.  I think I will make this my summer project.  I have sewn a few together, but it will take a lot more thinking and planning before my orphans become a quilt.  Here are a few of the blocks I have.

EDIT  I left the blocks on the floor when I went to bed last night.  Big mistake!  Mini decided she didn't like my layout and arranged them for me.  So this what they look like this morning.



Donna said...

Your layout was good yet Mimi's design is very modern.

Terry said...

Your orphans are going to make a great quilt! :0)

dutchcomfort said...

Mimi has an eye for a modern lay-out! Lovely blocks Hetty!!

Exuberant Color said...

I like your layout best! Mimi had to put in her 2 cents though. It will be fun to figure out how to fit all of the blocks together.

Wacky Woman said...

Love orphan blocks; it's like recycling.