Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Wildflower Wednesday and More Hexies

The flower for today is the Trillium.  This plant is the official flower for the province of Ontario. They are a beautiful early spring woodland flower.  The woods come alive when the Trilliums are in bloom.

Trilliums have three leaves.  The flowers are made up of three petals.  There are many varieties, probably 40 or more.  Trilliums are in the liliaceae or lily family.  These large white ones are Trillium grandiflorum.

I have a red Trillium in my garden.  I bought it over 10 years ago from the Scarborough Horticultural Society.  I planted it in my garden and hoped that it would multiply, but it didn't.  I still only have one plant, but I just love it.

Now onto the quilting front.  I have been working on my hexies - not a lot, but I did get a few more done.  The third corner section is almost done, just a few more white hexies to do.  I have started making the flowers for the fourth and last corner section.

Well back to my machine sewing.  I have to have a baby quilt finished in two weeks.


Wacky Woman said...

Love your wild flowers Hetty. And, gosh that quilt is looking gorgeous.

Terry said...

Your red trillium is beautiful! :0)

W. Latane Barton said...

Hi Hetty, just checking in. I'm not quilting much but hope to more in the future. Miss seeing your sweet comments on my posts.