Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Wild Flower Wednesday - Violet Violets

It's been difficult to find wild flowers in bloom right now.  We had so much rain that it was hard for me to go out and hunt some down.  There are lots of dandelions in bloom, but I don't think you want to see those.  So I am showing you The Great Spurred Violet.  These are in the Violaceae family.

I have seen them in lawns, waste places and in the woods of the Highland Creek ravine.  I planted some in my garden years ago and was disappointed that they did not come back year after year.  I kept planting them each spring and hoping for more.  Then I sort of forgot about them.  That;s when they started doing their own thing.   Now my garden is full of these wonderful, little, violet flowers.  They volunteer themselves all over, even at the very back of the garden, by the fence.  Here they are crowded by Daffodils and Solomon's Seal, but they are doing well.

My daughter comes over to harvest the flowers, in early spring, which she 'sugars' and arranges on her triple chocolate cheese cakes.  These delicate flowers are edible and make the cakes look very festive and professional.

I have no hexies to show you today.  I have been working on the white ones, but they are sort of boring, so I won't show you until I have this third section done - hopefully next week.

Happy Spring everyone!


em's scrapbag said...

Sweet little violets. I bet they look lovely on the cakes.

Wacky Woman said...

Happy Spring Hetty!