Friday, June 28, 2013

Please Vote for Me

Edited at 9:00pm.  I apologize if anyone was confused about the link to the Quilting Gallery. Apparently it was not up and running until now.  Please try again if you have come back to my post. It works now.  You'll have to scroll down to the thumbnail photos.  But you can now see the quilts and you can vote on them.

When I realized the Quilting Gallery was showing paper pieced quilts this week, I decided to enter a little quilt I finished several years ago.  This is the first paper pieced quilt I have ever finished.

The quilts that are submitted to this weekly gallery are always amazing.  Go over there and just take a look around.  It is truly eye candy.  Of course you can vote for any of them that you like.  But I would really appreciate it if you vote for mine.  LOL  I have never done this before.

As for my Friday finish...  Well, there isn't one.  It was just too hot to sew this week.  And I had company for the first part of it.  Then there were the get togethers with friends.  Just too much to do in one week.  But I do have something to show you.  I joined Em's Scrap Happy Summer 2013.  I plan to finish a lot of UFOs this summer.  Here is the first one I am working on.  Only a couple of rows to go.

When my DD returns my cutting table, (she borrowed it for her party last night) I will sandwich it and quilt it and show it finished - as soon as I can.


Wacky Woman said...

I couldn't figure out how to vote for you Hetty. My Facebook account was hacked overnight and I have to ask everyone to refriend me. Drat. Love both quilts.

Mimi said...

You bet!!! Good luck!!

Mimi said...

I couldn't get to the place to vote either!!! Maybe you need to give us a better link? Thanks!!

Barb said...

Is it too late to vote?

em's scrapbag said...

Your log cabin is stunning. And I always love a scrappy quilt. Thanks for joining the challenge.