Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wildflower Wednesday

My post is a little bit late today.  I had to recharge my camera's battery before I could download any pictures.

Today's wildflower is the Ox-eye Daisy.  This common wild daisy grows just about everywhere and I am sure you have all seen it before.   It is also known as a White Daisy or Field Daisy.  The flowers are borne at the top of long stems.  They have white rays with a yellow centre and a scent that is not liked by everyone.

The Ox-eye Daisy is in the aster family.  Its botanical name is Leucanthemum vulgare.  This plant is an alien and was introduced by pioneers.  It reproduces itself by seeds as well as through a vigorous rhizomatus system.  In some areas they have become an invasive species and are sometimes a nuisance to farmers.  Although they are a short-lived perennial, they are difficult to control with herbicides.  Cows don't like the taste of them and will shun pastures with daisies, giving the plants more opportunity to spread.

But I love these little flowers and can't wait for them to bloom.  I think I will go out again tomorrow and pick a small bunch to decorate my kitchen table.

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Wacky Woman said...

I too like them. Very