Saturday, August 02, 2014

Take Time to Relax

After we dropped the Kamajo students off yesterday morning, so that they could start the next leg of their trip, my DD and I decided we needed some time for ourselves.  It has been a busy 10 days!  So we went to Babies R Us to add to the registry she started a few days ago.  Gosh! There are so many lovely things for babies now-a-days.  I was just blown away!  We saw a cute little quilt that I would like to use as inspiration. My DD laughed as she wondered how many quilts this baby will have.  I thought about something as funny as a barrel of monkeys (I guess it was that little monkey on the quilt) and I said, "As many as .......?"  "A quilt shop?" my DD suggested.  No, that wasn't quite what I was thinking about.  So I said, "As many as are in a Grandma's attic".  That would be about right, I'm to be his grandma, after all!  Got any other ideas?  This quilt would be all applique.  I wonder if I could do it.

I am not sure about the colours I would use.  This would take a lot of drawing and planning, not to mention the stitching and sewing.  I only have about two and a half months left.  Yipes!  I think I will start the drawing stage this afternoon, after my DH and I go back over to Babies R Us to pick up the bed I bought.  They had all the beds, dressers and change tables on sale.  I had to buy it and lay it away because it was the last one they had and my DD's car is a little Honda Civic and we didn't think it would fit.  The bed is a nice natural oak finish.  We thought it was perfect.  I bought the change table to match.  And a comfy mattress. Everything will stay in the box for a couple more months, until the baby room is painted.  Do you think I am spoiling him?  That is not what I want to do, but I do want him to have a comfortable place to sleep and I promised my DD that I would buy the bed.  Okay, so where does the relaxing part come in?

Oh, yeah, now.  After our shopping spree, we went over to the Lone Star for lunch.  Fajitas. Very relaxing and yummy!

Hope you are having a great weekend.  We have a long weekend.  Monday is a civic holiday. Here in Ontario this day is known as Simcoe Day, in honour of the first lieutenant-governor of Upper Canada.  Have a good one!


Dolores said...

Have you made a tag blanket yet? Google it and take a look at the owl one. That's the one that my daughter-in-law likes.

Terry said...

You can do's an adorable little quilt! :0)

Wacky Woman said...

You could definitely do that applique!

dutchcomfort said...

Yes, you can do all the applique, it will so fun to work on!
And... Grandma’s are allowed to spoil their grandchildren!