Friday, November 10, 2017

A Taste of Winter

Day 10.

It's cold out.  The temperature went down to -10C last night and felt like -19C with the wind.  It also snowed and caused hundreds of accidents on the slippery roads.

I am calling my slippers Justin.  Not Justin Bieber or Justin Trudeau.  But 'Just in Time' to keep my feet warm on this cold day.  It is still -8C out there.
I saw these slippers on Linda's blog, The Crafty Gardener - 'Cozy Feet' a while ago.  I used to knit these for everyone in my family.  I got the pattern free from Patons when I was a Guide leader.  I must have given the extra ones I had away.  After all, they were free and I thought I could get more if I needed them.  But that was not to be.  They are no longer available.  Thanks to Linda, I was able to make them.

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dutchcomfort said...

Lovely slippers Hetty! I applaud you for posting each day in November! I’ve been scrolling through your posts and loved to see all those snippets from your life!