Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Easy Street Flimsy

I got Easy Street put together.  Just have to add a border or two.  I don't have enough fabric in my stash, so I guess I'll have to go shopping.  Too bad, eh?  I brought it to show to our Tuesday morning group.  A couple of nice quilty ladies are holding it for me, since there is no one to do that for me here at home.  Felix isn't tall enough.

I also finished a chevron quilt top.  This one is made using strips and not HSTs.  I still have to square it off. Feeling a little nervous about that.  I found the tutorial for it here.  Crazy colours. i know!  It was supposed to be done for Halloween, but life got in the way.  So now I am all ready for next year - 11 months ahead of the game

Wishing all my American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday!  Hope the weather doesn't spoil your plans.  

Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Morning, On My Design Floor

Here is what's on my design floor this morning.  Still working on Easy Street.  I have decided to make mine smaller than Bonnie's.  Hers was about 100 inches square, I think.  Too big for me. So I am making it smaller.

Here it is on my Design Floor.  I hope to have this one done soon.  I'm sure I couldn't do it without Felix's help.  A few days ago I had left this quilt on the floor overnight and at 4:00 am I heard Felix heaving up a gigantic furball onto the centre of my quilt.  I thought it was because he didn't like it.  But he says he actually adores Easy Street and was just trying to add some of his own creativity.  I was able to clean it up without any problems.  Thank goodness.  I asked him nicely not to do that again.  And he agreed. So now he is helping me by just sitting on it and adding some love.

Back to the sewing room.  Are you coming, Felix?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Living on Easy Street

I'm a bit late with my post this morning.  Our power went out - again!  I am getting very annoyed with this.  It happens more often lately and it means I can't do anything.  Not even make a coffee or sew a seam.  But it's back now and I'd better hurry to get this post up.

Thank you for stopping by.  This is the last day of Sew Sister's Blogathon.  It's been fun, hasn't it?  I have met a lot of bloggers from all over Canada that I wouldn't have met otherwise.  Click on the Blogathon button on my sidebar if you want to see more of the quilters who make their home in Ontario today.

I cleaned up on Easy Street.  The blocks are not sewn together and I have a few more that I couldn't lay out on the floor because I don't have enough space.  But it's coming along nicely. Going to sew a few more blocks today - if the power stays on.

Oh, wow!  Do you see that lemony block in the centre?  I thought it would be green enough, but now I think it's too yellow.  Maybe I will have to take it out.  What do you think?

I have been on a finishing binge over the past few weeks.  Here is another top that is finished and waiting for some quilting.  It's about 48 inches by 74 inches.  The ladies in my Tuesday morning group are helping to hold it up.  I may have to send this one out to be quilted.  I can't seem to handle anything bigger than a baby quilt on my machine lately.

Still working on the hexies.  I got one of the corners done.  It is really starting to look great! This is my evening project - something to work on when I am watching television, so I won't fall asleep.

And in keeping with my ADHD personality, I saw a cute little Christmas wall hanging on someone's blog yesterday.  It is a free pattern by McCall's.  The Easy Street blocks were making me crazy, so I decided to sew this little top together.  Kind of like my little 15 minute scrap project for the day.

Well, time to go back to the sewing room.  Come again.  And leave me a comment if you can.  I love getting mail!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Doing Some Street Cleaning This Week...

 ...'Easy Street' that is.  This guy is helping me.  I found the blocks I had already completed for this project, but they were crammed into a bag and I had to sort everything out before I could start.   I was also a bit disappointed that I hadn't completed all of the blocks.  So now it is back to my machine.  Lots of work 'cut out' for me.
This is what I've got so far.  Told you I had a lot of cleaning up to do.  Hope to have something completed soon.

Don't forget to stop by Sew Sister's to see today's blogathon posters.  They are from Manitoba. Just click on my sidebar.  I wasn't able to get the address to work, so you will have to go to Sew Sister's home page to see what the give-away is for today.  


Monday, November 18, 2013

FYI Monday - What I am Doing

Today is a cold, windy, nasty day.  I keep thinking that the wind is going to blow the shingles off my roof. The temperature is dropping quickly and I have to have all of my lights on in the house in order to see anything.  Hope my pics will show up okay.

It is also the first day of Sew Sister's Blogathon Canada, 2013.  Just click on the image on my sidebar or click here, and it will take you to some wonderful quilt-related stuff  Today the west coast is featured.  There will be a different part of Canada each day this week.   Also, there are lots of things to win on the Sew Sister's site.  So go and have a look.  My blog will be featured on one of the Ontario blogs, next Saturday.

Several months ago I tried to keep up with Terry when she did her Pennsylvania quilt.  But I got so far behind that I just put it away.  I found it a few days ago and decided it needed to be finished.  So here is what I have done so far.  I just want to put a border of the light fabric all around these blocks.  Then it will be a flimsy and I will be happy with that for now.

In the evenings I have been working on my hexies.  I am trying to do at least 10 of the dark blue ones per night.  That is the goal I have set for myself  anyway.  I have 360 hexies still to do.  That still means a lot of evenings, but without a goal they may never get done.

Have you heard?  Bonnie Hunter is hosting another mystery quilt, starting at the end of the month.  It is called, 'Celtic Solstice'.  I would love to make it, but I still have 'Easy Street' and 'Orca Bay' to finish.  So that is my goal for this week - to finish at least one of them.  Now going to try to find them.  Usually when I clean up I put things in such good places that I never find them again.  Do you do that too?  Or is it only me?

Oops, change of plans.  My DD just dropped in for lunch.  She only has about 50 minutes, so I'd better hurry and make some chicken salad sandwiches for the two of us.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Lot of Little Things

I wish I could show you a hexie flower for today, but I have only been working on the dark blue hexies that go around the outside of this quilt top.  They are very boring and take a lot of time to do.  I think I will be working on these for the next few weeks.

I have also spent a few minutes each day making fabric.  I plan to make a bag out of these scraps.  One side is almost finished.

In order to give myself a break from the navy blue hexies on the basket quilt, I dug out another hexagon top that is almost finished.  I stopped working on it a year or so ago because I was running out of fabrics.  But I have lots now and I want to finish this one.  I love it.


And here is a parting shot of my red Christmas cactus.  It is so flower heavy that I had to get underneath it to show you the blooms. 

A quiting buddy, who I haven't seen in a long time, is coming over for tea this morning.  Got to go and straighten up the living room.
Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

A Few Projects on a Rainy Day

I haven't finished too much this week.  But I did get a placemat made for Meals on Wheels.  It was an orphan block that someone gave me.  So I just quilted it and put some binding on and now it is finished. Sorry the picture is so bad.  It is really dark and dreary today.

I was also working on a Halloween quilt that I did not finish before Halloween.  I am going to sew some of the strips together and maybe make a few more blocks.  I think it is almost finished as far as the length goes. It was an easy pattern, but I just had too much to do last week.  Oh, well.  It will be great for next year.  I don't think I have ever made a Halloween quilt before.

And because it is Wednesday I will show you my hexie La Passion progress.  I am going to put this quilt on-hold for a while because I want to finish a couple of other hexie ones that I have started and never finished.

On a dark and rainy day like today there is nothing I would rather do than take a nap or read my book.  But I have a friend coming over after work and my place needs a bit of tidying up.  Mimi has the right idea though. She is comfortable and warm in her kitty bed.  She looks like she is asleep, but she is just pretending.  As soon as I snapped the photo, she opened her eyes and gave me a 'get the heck out of here' glare.  So I did what I thought was the smartest thing to do.  I left her alone to continue her nap.

Have a great Wednesday.

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