Wednesday, October 03, 2018

String Theory

This has been my 'go to', relaxing project over the past few weeks.  I made some more string blocks last Friday,  These things are so addictive.  And so much fun!  I have enough strips to make two more quilts after I finish this one.   LOL  My scrap bag is still half full.

So far it measures about 42 X 49 inches.  I want to make it at least a generous twin size.  Then I plan to have it longarm quilted.  Just can't do anything bigger than a baby quilt any more.

Monday, October 01, 2018

We Went to the Markham Fair

All the farm animals were there.
The big stallion horse
Was nipping, of course,
On the fingers that stroked his soft hair.

The chickens and geese
Crowed and clucked as they plrased.
While the donkeys and cows
Paraded to cheers from the crowds.

The rabbits were cute!  Oh so very cute!
The wiggly pig danced a wiggly jig.
And Xavier's beautiful bunny 
Won the Grand Championship.

Xavier is my nephew.  He loves animals.  This is the third year that his rabbit has won the Grand Championship.  Way to go Xavier!

It was cold yesterday.  A real fall day.  It took me hours to warm up when we got home.  But William had a blast!  He loved hanging out with his favourite cousins, the keepers of the bunny.   He ran and jumped on averything he could find.  And he went on a few rides.  

But his favourite activity was riding in the front seat of the fire truck!  He could do this all day.

Hi Nana!