Thursday, September 28, 2017

'Some Bunny Loves You'

A baby quilt for a special baby..
I made this quilt a few months ago.  It had to be ready for the baby's shower back in June.  My machine was giving me problems and I didn't know the baby's name.   So I never got the label put on and I forgot to get a photo of it.  But now that we know it is a healthy baby girl, I asked for the quilt back so that I could put the label on.  (No quilt is complete without a label, you know)  And, since I had it back in my hands, I took the opportunity to get this photo too.  But those aren't my hands. Thanks DD for holding it up for me.

Monday, September 25, 2017

A Day at the Zoo

Yesterday was a very hot day!  Not just for a summer's day, but especially for a day in September, after fall has already arrived.  The high was 32C but with the humidity it felt like 40C.  We needed an escape.  So we went to the zoo.  That is not really an unusual destination.  You see, we are members of the Metro Toronto Zoo, so we go often.  I take Wheeltrans and my DD drives over with William.

Here he is studying the map.  What shall we do today?  He wanted to see the giraffes, but we never made it there.  There were too many distractions along the way.  Because it was so hot, we went to the splash pad, which had been opened for the day, especially because of the heat.

We battled thousands of people to use the equipment.  I took this photo with my telephoto lens.  It was very difficult to get a good picture with so many people in the way.  But here is William just coming off the slide.  That's his favourite!  The rest of the time he was kind of a blur as he 'flew' back over to the stairs to go up again.. I love to see him having fun.

Today will be another scorcher, but I think I will stay home and do some sewing.  I'll try to post something quilt related in the next few days..