Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Spring Has Arrived!

After a long, cold winter, it seems that spring has finally arrived here in TO. My garden is calling to me. Can you hear it? I try to spend as much time as I can digging in the dirt, cutting down last year's growth, pulling up weeds and dividing and transplanting my perennials. That means less time for quilting and other indoor things. Too bad! But also less time for housework! Hurrah!!!
I was not alone in my garden today. A beautiful yellow goldfinch whistled to me from the peach tree. A bright red cardinal landed in the apple tree and sang a spring song, especially for me. A black bird took a dip in my bird bath. Very cute! And a robin helped herself to a nice, fat, juicy worm as I dug up some disgusting weeds that were threatening to take over the garden. It's nice to have friends.
Mimi watched me from the window. I know that she would have loved to come outside. But I don't trust her. And.... I like my little bird friends too much! I know Mimi does too! So she has to stay indoors. I brought her a fresh piece of catnip when I went inside. That seemed to appease her.
Meow! Mimi here! I sat on the window ledge and watched my owner, working in the garden. She was covered in dirt and kept wiping her muddy hand across her face. Wouldn't it be funny if someone had come over and seen her like that! Meow! Meow! She should have licked herself. I always keep my face nice and clean! Humans are so disgusting!
There were lots of birds in the garden today. My owner seemed pleased as they rested in my trees. It was all I could do to contain myself. If only I could get out there and catch me one of those tasty, feathered morsels! You know! Chase and hunt! Do what cats are supposed to do! That robin sat about three feet away from her and did not even seem afraid. I could have caught her, given the chance!!!!! I have sharpened my claws a million times just for such an event! I am ready! Just open the damned door and let me out!!
She brought me a piece of catnip when she came in. A tiny piece that I had to share with my 'brothers'. Gosh! What does she think? A tiny piece of a green herb will appease me? Meow!

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