Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Finally Found Some Trilliums!

This is a Crazy Place for Trilliums to Grow!
I found some trilliums! It's the strangest thing! I found them in a woodlot, in front of our Civic Centre! Aren't they beautiful? Yesterday I looked everywhere in the park, where nature seemed undisturbed and deer prints covered the ground. And yet I could find none there. But here, in this busy area of our city, there were plenty. This is a place where lots of people walk every day. A pathway connects the main road with the buildings. I didn't use the pathway, although I think I probably should have. But I was careful not to step on any plants growing on the forest floor. I stood in the middle of the woods. It was the strangest sensation! I could not see the buildings around me. And I could not see the traffic on the main road, but I could hear it. I was in the middle of a forest yet I felt as if I could get run over by a car at any moment. The noise from the road seemed much too loud.
But inside my secret woodlot, the air was clean and clear. I closed my eyes and imagined myself in the deepest woods! The birds were chirping all around me. I could smell the sweet scent of forest floor and herbaceous plants. It was breath-taking! I took photos and sat on a fallen log to admire a chipmunk, scurrying about its business, digging in the crunchy leaves. A robin sang from the tree above me, a lovely song of freedom and happiness and love, announcing the arrival of his two new offspring! The wind whistled through the overhead branches and blew across my face as if welcoming me to this wonderful natural Paradise. Only the sound of a car, honking its horn, brought me back to reality.
The sounds of the city were all around me. I was in two worlds. The world of nature and the world of mankind. If a car travels on a road beside a forest, can anyone hear it? I tried not to! The nature sounds were much nicer!

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