Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Folk Dance Jamboree!

The schools in our area held a Folk Dance Jamboree tonight. The kids have been practicing their dances since January. They were great! Everyone performed well. It was a beautiful evening. The weather was just right. My daughter is a teacher and I used to be one too. So I really enjoy these little extra curricular activities and take every opportunity to join in when I can.

Mimi didn't go with me. She would have been scared by all the activity and noise. So no comments, please, Mimi! Mimi stayed home and napped, ah, oh, I mean, protected the house! There were a couple of thousand students at the Jamboree. The colourful outfits, which represented their school's colours were breathtaking. The music was a bit loud, but the kids had a wonderful time anyway. They like their music loud! Great fun was had by all.

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