Monday, May 14, 2007

Where Have All the Trilliums Gone?

I went for a walk, in the woods, with my camera today. I had a purpose! To photograph the trilliums that are in bloom at the moment. Our provincial flower! I wanted a photo of them - lots of them - growing on a hillside, dappled sunshine making their white blossoms sparkle, their smiling faces reflecting the light. the deep green of their leaves a stark contrast to the brown leaves of the forest floor. But I found none! Unbelievable! The park I went to used to have millions of trilliums. I had photographed them with my old camera a few years ago. Now, with my new digital, I wanted to get lots of shots, so that I could print them and frame them and decorate my walls with them. But I could not find any!!! None! Only a group of May Apples, growing in some dry dirt. This was not the forest I remembered! Don't talk to me of global warming or garbage that is being shipped to Michigan or those curly lightbulbs that will save energy! I only want to know what the heck has happened to the trilliums? My trilliums!
If you know where they are. Could you bring them back? Please!

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