Friday, June 01, 2007

The Flowers in My Garden

Now, since I am officially a gardener - I admitted my weakness in my blog yesterday - I thought that I would show off some photos of my garden. I love herbs. The first photo is Sweet Cicely - Mirrhis odorata! It is absolutely lovely! It has pretty fern-like leaves that smell like licorice when rubbed. The flowers are born in umbel-like clusters, which will later turn to long seeds. I think it is a very interesting plant! My task for this year is to find out what this plant can be used for.

The second one is Solomon's Seal - Polygenetic. I started with a small plant, which I bought at a Scarborough Garden Club's plant sale several years ago. I planted it under my apple tree. I wanted to start a sort of woodland-type garden under there. The Solomon Seal is doing very well! It seems to multiply by two each year. I planted one plant. The next year two came up. The following year four came up. Well you get the idea! I will soon have a million plants in my garden! Solomon's Seal is a good plant for shade! Its little jewel-like flowers sparkle from under the apple tree! I love this plant! It grew beyond my expectations and inspired me to plant more woodland plants! It's like having my own little forest! Because for me, a forest is not just trees, but also the wonderful plants that grow under them! Solomon's Seal remains one of my favourites.

The third photo is of Virginia Buebells - Mertensia virginica. I must have bought this plant last year. I had totally forgotten about it until it started to come up this spring. What a pleasant surprise! The little 'bells' are blue, but start out as reddish-purple buds! Really pretty! They like shade and are part of my woodland garden!

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