Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Conversation With Mimi

Me - Hey! Mimi! Here kitty, kitty! Come here, my little sweet kitten. I need you. You have to do me a favour!

Mimi - Okay, okay. What's your hurry? Jeez. Can't you see I'm taking a nap! Meow! What do you want now?

Me - I need you to write my blog for me - over the next month or so. I am going to be very busy. I have to finish Ethan's quilt and make a whole other one for Xavier! Too many quilts, so little time!!! Xavier's birthday is on July 26th and I want to make him a quilt and give it to him then. He likes trains and I have the fabric all picked out! Can you help me out?

Mimi - Ho Hum! I doubt it. This is going to seriously cut into my nap time! Meow! Can't you get someone else to do it? Anyway, what's in it for me?

Me - I'll buy you some delicious chicken hearts!

Mimi - Gee whiz! Thanks a lot! You get to make a quilt and I have to write crap on your blog! All for some smelly chicken hearts. Who's getting the deal here? Can I get Oscar to do it?
Here kitty, kitty! Come here you stupid, I mean, smart cat! Do you want to write stuff for our owner's blog?

Oscar - Oh, boy! Do I ever! I can write about what it's like to be a cat! Or how about the things I like to eat? Or stories about that cat who keeps coming over to visit! Oh, I know! I can philosophize about the meaning of life! Oh, the possibilities! How come no one ever asked me to do this before? When can I start? When can I start?

Mimi - Snore! Snore! I can't hear you!

Me - Oh, my god! I think I've created a monster!

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