Saturday, June 09, 2007

More Colour in My Garden!

My poppies are in bloom! Papaver orientale. Their colour only lasts a few short days, but it is magnificent! I also have a patch of perennial Geraniums, or Cranesbill. I don't know what I ever did before I discovered these simple plants! They are so interesting and pretty! And the rhododendron! Fantastic! Next year I will have to divide the hosta that is growing beside it, before it swallows up my Rho, one of my favourite shrubs! And notice the Lamium (Purple Dragon) in front? I just planted that this year. I never thought that Lamium was anything special, but now that I see it in my garden, I love it! The leaves are variegated and the flowers resemble small snapdragons! A small Sweet Cicely plant is growing through it. I think it grew from a seed. How exciting! There are hundreds of seed pods on this year's Sweet Cicely! I could have hundreds of new plants next year! Too bad my garden is so small! There is never enough room. Already I am planning what I will transplant next year! That's the beauty of gardening. It is constantly changing! Nothing stays the same for any length of time. And everything is at the mercy of Mother Nature!

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