Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mr. Red

Usually nothing happens around here. It's pretty boring. We nap, we eat, we nap, we look out the window, we nap, we lick ourselves, we nap..... Well, you get the picture. So when this red male cat started to come around, it was pretty exciting! Mimi climbs up on the screen in the window when she sees him and then our owner has to help her down. Her claws get stuck! Mimi is a feisty little thing! She doesn't like Mr. Red or any other cat that comes around for that matter. She's always defending our territory! But she is no match for Mr. Red. That's what we call him. We really don't know his real name. Mr. Red has balls!!! No, he isn't really brave or furious or anything. He just has balls. That's because his owners haven't had him neutered! How disgusting is that? And they let him out to wander around the neighbourhood! It isn't right! He marks his territory, scratches around in our backyard and is just plain rude!
Look, he has no shame or pride! He just sits there and licks his private parts, right in front of our back door. It's like he's showing off or something! Meow!! Next time Mimi tries to go for him through the screen, I'll be routing for her. Go Mimi, go! Put that shameless cat in his place!

Boy! I really love writing on this blog! It's so much fun. No one ever cares what I have to say. But now the whole world is listening! Well, maybe not the whole world! Maybe only a handful of people. But think of the possibilities! I could become famous! I may have to write a book!
What's that you say, Mimi? Oh, you think I am getting sort of high on myself! Well I don't see you writing on this blog! Yeah, right! Later! Bye for now! Purrrr! Love, Oscar

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