Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Pool

A few days ago I published a post with some photos of my flower beds. But as you can see, most of our yard is taken over by the pool. So here are some shots of the pool. The solar blanket is on it because I was hoping to keep the water warm! We don't have a heater and use only the sun to warm the water. With temperatures in the 30's for the next few days, the water should heat up nicely. Yesterday it was already 28C! The first photo is taken from the northeast corner of the house, looking towards the northwest. It shows the apple tree in the corner and part of the west side garden. That pot in the bottom left corner is a banana plant. I have to take it inside each fall or it will freeze! This is the second year I have had it and so far there are no signs of bananas! This photo is taken from the northwest corner of the house, looking toward the northeast. It shows the garden along the north side of our yard.

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