Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cherry Tree in Autumn

This is a photo of our cherry tree. Very pretty, wouldn't you agree? Blossoms in spring - cherries in summer - colourful leaves in fall! Wow! What a great little tree! This winter I will hang a bird feeder in its branches and it will have served me well all year round!

We had a severe frost last night. The water bags holding the pool cover in place, froze solid! So everything in my garden is now finished for this year. I was able to dig up a few dahlia tubers this afternoon, but the tuberous begonias were not salvageable. They were sitting in the shade and the soil in their pots was frozen solid, so I could not dig them out. Too bad. I will have to replace them next year.

The winner of Mimi's 'comment draw' is Keiko! But Mimi thought that Rika should get a prize too! I think she remembers how nice it was when Rika was here last summer, petting and stroking her! So I will check to make sure that I have both of your snail mail addresses and send something off to you as soon as possible. Congratulations! And thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! Please, everyone, continue to leave comments. I love your comments!!! And you never know when Mimi will want to hold another draw!


apocaknits said...

Yeah dude, comments are the best!

hetty said...

They certainly are!
I think I understand it all now.
Comments are like love! In order to receive them, you have to learn to give them first!