Sunday, February 24, 2008

An Awards Ceremony for Academic Excellence!

I show you this photo with pride. My DS won a scholarship for his academic excellence at York University! They had the Awards Ceremony today and we all went. All of us, minus the furry felines, of course! It was kind of like another Family Day, but without the cats! There were only about 30 students who received awards - everything from writing essays to winning an entire scholarship. DS is doing his BS in Mathematics - so I am especially proud! When it comes to math, I know nothing, but my DS is very good at it! After the ceremony there were refreshments! And we had a chance to talk with the Dean and other important university people! I really enjoyed it.
For dinner we went to the Franklin Club. They were celebrating the Year of the Rat with foods from Singapore! Everything was delicious! I think you will agree with me that it was a great day!


John said...

I agree, it was a wonderful day.
I am so glad my family could be a part of it. Even my DM made the trip to take part in the celebration. It really made my day.

Keiko said...

Congratulations on John's winning a scholarship!! He must have worked very hard to get it. Being good at math seems like a genius to me. I'm sure all the Gruener family are very proud of him. I'm also happy that Hetty could be at the celebration. The occasion must have given her lots of energy. Keiko

Winny said...

Let John know I am very proud to be his aunt and that he is going to go far. It sounds like you all had a wonderful day. Congratulations John and I know you will continue to do good.