Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I Love My Post

Sometimes I wonder why I retired. I seem to have more to do now that I am supposed to be relaxing and enjoying life. My DH thinks that I now have two full time jobs - blogging and quilting. He might be right. Finding time to be creative and also time to read and keep up with all those blogs is not easy. Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day - or night.

Another thing I seem to have trouble with are the comments. I love comments. The more the better! But I also think that it is good blog etiquette to send replies to each commenter as long as each of them allows his/her email address to show. I often get replies on the comments I leave on other people's blogs and I enjoy that! Now the question I have is this: Is there an easy way to reply to the comments? A way of getting the comment to show up on the reply along with the title of the post and the blog that the comment was left on. Am I making sense? Is there a 'reply' button or something to click on? Don't forget, I am still somewhat computer illiterate, even though I am getting better. Any help would be appreciated.

I finally finished this week's Friday Block Party block. The pattern is called, "Wyoming Valley". You can find info on my sidebar. It is a 12in block. I am not sure what I will do with future 12in blocks, but I decided to go with a bright look. Someone on the Block Party blog made a comment that this block has 68 pieces in it. And she is right! It took me almost three hours to put this baby together. Needless to say I doubt if I will be making many more of these!
I put the block on the floor in order to get a photo and Felix came right over to look at it, but he didn't even touch it. He actually turned his back to it and 'hugged' his scratching post. I wondered if he liked it or not.
"Hey Felix. Don't you like my block?"
"Purrrrr, I love my post!"
"I know what you mean. I love posting too. This blogging thing is the best!"
"No, I mean, I love my scratching post!"


Barb said...

I guess I am bad about commenting on comments...I just felt if I visited their blog and posted a comment I was doing I bad???

nicolette said...

Hetty I don’t completely understand your question. When I receive a comment I receive an email with the comment in it and I just click on reply to answer the email (i.e. the comment). The email shows the title of the post etc.

If the email address is a no reply blogger... address you can’t reply. There are still lots of bloggers who have this no reply address.

Does this make any sense...?

I always try to reply to comments, but I sometimes forget because I receive so many emails for my business. Then I try to visit my friends blogs to leave a comment. Sometimes life takes over and I’m way behind replying. I guess we all cope with this issue in our own way.

nicolette said...

Test... LOL!!! I hope it works!

Joyce said...

I also have my comments set up so they come to my email. That way if someone comments on an older entry I see it. I used to miss some because I didn't go back and check comments from entries two or three days old. Also you can see the comment while you are writing the reply so it's a lot easier to know what to write. If you can't figure out how to do it let me know. It can't be hard because I did it but I'd have to look around to remember how.

Quilt Pixie said...

setting comments to come to your email lets you quickly and easily reply -- just like any other email :-)

Stephanie said...

thanks for your nice comment about my little valentine quilt.
you are quite a prolific quilter.
i loved looking at your quilts.

Eileen said...

I just click "reply" when the comments come to my email box. Of course you can't reply to the ones who are "no reply". Those always bother me. But then I usually click on the person's name, and it taked me to their profile so I can find their blog and leave them a comment too.

I was tagged earlier last week.. so if you'd like to play along, I tagged you too.. it's the eight random things one. If not.. that's perfectly fine.. no obligation. But it would be fun heairng more about you.

Terry said...

I'm the same as most everyone else...I have my blog set up to get an email when someone leaves me a comment. Then I can just reply to that email (except the "noreply" people). Hope you figure it out! :0)

Opal said...

beautiful block! i'm afraid i can't answer your question as i don't use blogger. :(

Winny said...

I know I send you comments, but I do no know what to tell you about this one, except that Felix has the right idea. Scratching posts are great.

*karendianne. said...

The only thing I do is assume that people that set up that "no reply" thing - I figure those folks don't want a bunch of email so I don't bother replying. I don't look into their PROFILE myself. They'd have to come back a couple of times before I did that.

I like what your friend Barb does here. I think she's right. :)

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?